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As an entrepreneur, you know what's required for a profitable business: branding, marketing, and sales. 

MIssion-driven entrepreneurs often recoil from these aspects of business.  That's unfortunate, because there's a way to make them enjoyable.   

I believe there's ONE KEY to doing all of these while keeping your enthusiasm intact. 

Tune in to your greater purpose.

Your purpose will direct you. It will inspire your clients. It will make your hard work worth the effort.  

Not sure what your purpose is? Not sure how to make it clear to others? 

Figuring out your greater purpose is no easy task.  

It helps to talk it out.

I help you brand your purpose so you'll you stand out authentically. 

You'll see how marketing becomes a natural expression of what excites you about your business. 

Clients will happily buy from you because they trust your authenticity and resonate with your purpose.   

Why start with vision?

My interest in digging deep on vision stems, I’m sure, from my fascination with character development in literature. As a master’s student in English decades ago, I typically wrote my term papers on my interpretation of a character’s true nature. Why do they take the actions that form the plot? 

With real people like you, the exploration becomes more meaningful.  Why do you do what you do? And are you doing the things that align with your purpose? 

The stakes are high for being clear on your vision. The success of your business hinges on it. 

Why work with me?

The vision I’m striving for is a business culture where you’re able to apply your expertise to make the world better for yourself and others. 

For over 30 years, I've worked in high-profile places such as the International Monetary Fund, Fortune 1000 technology companies, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Institutes of Health. 

Regardless of the subject matter, I've served as a bridge between  experts and their non-expert audiences.  I've seen how experts often get bogged down in their expertise and are not necessarily the best at communicating their brilliance. 

I draw information from experts and distill it for others to understand.

Recently I founded The Expert of Choice to turn my focus toward mission-driven entrepreneurs.  I’m here to guide you toward making your vision for impact a reality.   

Our experience together makes your journey toward achieving your business vision shorter than you expect. It makes communicating your message a whole lot more exciting than it’s been for you.  It makes conducting your business a comfortable fit for you.  

What drives me?

My business vision takes me beyond the mechanics of what I do for you. Sure, I help you define your personal brand. Sure, I help you craft your marketing message.  

Mostly, you inspire me as I become a contributor to the impact you’re creating.    

What Clients Say

Talent for Capturing Your Authentic Voice

Talent for Capturing Your Authentic Voice

Talent for Capturing Your Authentic Voice


I was struggling to create a lead magnet that wouldn’t sound like every other free download about selling. Marylyn helped me think through the best topic that aligned with my marketing message, and her editing made it something I’m proud to send prospects to as a reflection of me. Marylyn has a talent for capturing your authentic voice, so the product you come up with is different from the generic marketing stuff.  –Liz Wolfe, Entrepreneur and Sales Coach at Liz Wolfe Coaching.

Deep Listener

Talent for Capturing Your Authentic Voice

Talent for Capturing Your Authentic Voice


“I offer unique services that have a deep spiritual basis. It has been a challenge for me to describe them in readily understandable terms. In Marylyn I found a deep listener who asks clarifying questions. She has distilled my complex expertise into a clear message and written materials I can use to market my business to an expanded audience.” – Dr. Dzung Price, Founder and Holistic Healer, Beyond Good Health Holistic Medical Clinics

Messaging to the Next Level

More Confidence, More Clients

More Confidence, More Clients


Marylyn has helped me rewrite my copy in brochures, articles, blogs and my website. She has done a fabulous job of articulating what I do in a way I couldn't do myself.  She is an expert writer and has helped me take my messaging to the next level. -- Cyndy Porter, Principal Success Maker, Success thru Style 

More Confidence, More Clients

More Confidence, More Clients

More Confidence, More Clients


 The process with Marylyn really helped me refine and own my message. I’ve got clarity on the right people to communicate it to, and my confidence has really grown. I’ve had more people reaching out for discovery sessions lately and now for the first time I'm fully booked for private clients.  – Barbara Gustavson, Founder, Discover Next Step  

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