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Struggling copy writer

Are You Stuck on the Words?

You’re an expert on a mission. So you try to craft your message. 

The words don’t come out right—or they don’t come out at all. You’re just not a copywriter. 

Or it takes too long. You'd rather spend your time doing what you do best. 

So your business stalls. Your marketing message isn't heard. 

You know, that message that’s buried inside you.  

Purposeful Marketing Message

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Tune out the marketing noise. Tune in to your purpose. 

My writing services start with talking it out. We'll clarify your purpose. We'll capture your authentic voice. 

You will have the words to create a marketing message for the impact you desire. 

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Meet Marylyn King

Welcome to The Expert of Choice, where I believe the key to attracting clients and creating greater impact is communicating your driving purpose. I’ve woven several strands of my life’s work together to found this business because I want to see experts able to make a positive difference in the world by putting their skills and talents to good use. 

I’ve always been a writer of sorts. In second grade my teacher commented, “I hope you never stop writing stories” and to this day, corporate colleagues call me to say, “We need a writer so I thought of you.” For me, writing goes hand-in-hand with asking probing questions and really listening for the answers. I’ve learned to do that with people no matter what their subject matter—as diverse as personal styling and addiction treatment. 

Then there’s the pragmatic side of me. In college I chose a professional degree so I could count on being able to support myself. Although I didn’t stick with my choice of career, the self-reliance stuck. I’ve spent decades reinventing myself to remain employed and employable, challenged and interested. 

Now I’m engaged in the most exciting work yet—personally facilitating the great impact you are here to create.  

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