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Energize Your Personal Brand and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Align Your Message 

with Your Purpose

Coaching and Writing for Entrepreneurs on a Mission

Stand out authentically with messaging that communicates the inspiring purpose that drives your business. 

Get started today by getting clear on your purpose. 

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Struggling copy writer

Are You Stuck on the Words?

You try to craft your message — you know, that message that’s buried inside you. 

The words don’t come out right. Or they don’t come out at all. 

So your business stalls.  

Marketing Message for Impact

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Tune out the marketing noise.  

Tune in to your purpose.  

Build your personal brand with conviction.   


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My services blend consulting on your personal brand, coaching, and copywriting. 


We'll create the marketing message that's right for you. 


Meet Marylyn King


Marylyn King is advancing a business culture where people use their expertise to solve the problems facing us as individuals and a society. Her method empowers entrepreneurs to tap into their inspirational purpose to build a unique personal brand, get their authentic message out, and create the positive impact they desire. 

What Clients Say

Messaging that really expresses me

Messaging that really expresses me

Messaging that really expresses me


Marylyn  has been able to understand what I'm trying to communicate and then craft the messaging that really expresses me.”--- Kristine Bahr, M.S., M.S., LDN, Anti-Aging Holistic Health Expert at Vitality Beyond 50 

Amazing in capturing my voice!

Messaging that really expresses me

Messaging that really expresses me



Marylyn did an amazing job of capturing my voice on my Home Page content.-- Barbara Gustavson,  Founder, Discover Next Step

Innovative with high standards

Messaging that really expresses me

Innovative with high standards


I find Marylyn’s characteristic inclination toward innovation to be refreshing and inspiring.   She holds herself to high standards for quality and ethics and cultivates the same in others around her.   – Gabriel Rojas, Assoc VP at AccelerEd 

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I can help you attract your ideal clients by being true to yourself in your marketing message. 

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